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The CoinTick Project

CoinTick is a subsidiary of BAYK project. CoinTick aims to reward content publishers and readers through an open and level ground method so that all publishers are rewarded in the best way possible.

The Problem

There are many projects rewarding content publishers the most popular of which is steemit. The method which those platforms use is a growing level one by which users gain more publicity and get rewarded more with their level, this level development is attained by gaining more followers and promoting contents. This method has been confirmed with many deficiencies, some of which are:

*New users find it difficult and impossible to earn for their valuable contents except rich ones who can easily promote their content with money

*there is a widespread cheat on the way users attain levels by using bots

*the voting method of reward can be cheated through getting users’ vote by soliciting.

This method has proved to be inefficient. Some users post irrelevant content and get rewarded heavily after gaining many followers and promoting the post. New users with valuable content never get rewarded, Readers are almost not rewarded at all.


CoinTick is providing a solution to this method by introducing a new protocol which will ensure that every publisher is rewarded not taking to consideration new or old user and also all contents must be valuable and relevant.


On CoinTick, new users can register for free and begin posting, no followers is needed and no voting for any post. Every new post is reviewed by CoinTick Editors and every valid post is initially rewarded with nothing less than $5. Then the performance of the post will lead to increase in the reward, up to $500 in the short time -performance is calculated through unique visitors’ count and participatory comments and likes-. In the long term of up to 5 years, the post’s performance will lead to constant payment of the publisher. Unlike other platforms only the user sees the fund on his wallet, the fund is not visible on the page.

For readers, every registered user who reads an article are rewarded with $0.01 for each article read up to $0.1 daily, valuable comment can get rewarded from $1 up to $20.

Main Points

*New users can always register for free and can start publishing after a simple KYC to ensure a unique identity

*Users can post any valuable content for free

*CoinTick Editors will audit new posts and every valid post is published

*There will be no followers or voters

*Every valid and published post will generate an initial $5 for the publisher.

*The performance of the post can generate up to $500 in the short time

Main Points

*Exceptional post performance will be tracked for 5 years and will generate monthly income for the publisher according to the performance

*Post performance is calculated by the number of unique visitors and participatory comments

*Valuable posts without a great performance will also be paid immediately up to $500.

*Only the publisher sees the fund in the personal wallet, no fund is visible on the post page.

*Valuable comments get $1 initially and can go up to $20 with the comment performance.

Performance and Calculations

To prevent an occurrence of cheat, the method of calculation is not standard and won’t be released openly. But rest assured post performance will be strictly monitored and paid.

Also CoinTick considers that there are post that may be low on performance but are valuable. CoinTick Editors will immediately fish out this posts and pay the publishers up to $500

Other Contents

CoinTick will create different subdomains for different content types. This is intended to be executed after launch of the token.
An example science content site will be:

Performance and Calculations

What Makes a Post Valid

The default CoinTick platform will only accept Cryptocurrency and Blockchain contents. The type of content can be:

All based on cryptocurrency

The post must have a relevance and be attached to the topic.


There are long time existing projects on this topic, CoinTick however is introducing a new protocol that will reward every publisher according and according to the value of their posts.
Another special attribute of CoinTick is that every user get the same level of publicity and no user is ahead of another in level or followers. Users are only rewarded for their posts.

Other Services

CoinTick is not only a publishing site. Other services are hosted also, this include:

*New project Airdrop listing: New Cryptocurrency projects can apply to get their airdrop listed on the CoinTick site

*ICO listing: Cryptocurrency projects can also apply to list their ICO and IEO on the CoinTick platform

*Apollo projects: New Apollo projects can apply to list on the CoinTick platform. This is because CoinTick is a subsidiary of BAYK which is an Apollo Blockchain project

On the launch of other subjects’ publishing domains, services related to those subjects will also be introduced.

Looking Forward

After the CoinTick launch, development will be introduced as follows:
*New site design: to enable automated token withdrawal and a customized experience of the site

*Different domain extensions will be introduced to publish on different topics and new domains will be constantly introduced each year. The science domain for example will be: science.cointick.net

*According to the BAYK Whitepaper, CoinTick and basil will move from being a token to a coin by creation of a personal Blockchain

*Internal Cryptocurrency exchange will be incorporated on all our site to enable easy Cryptocurrency conversion.

CoinTick CTK Token


CTK Token is the official CoinTick token and operates on the Ethereum Blockchain as an ERC20 Token on Ethereum. CTK will be the utility token of the CoinTick platform and will be used to pay content creators. CTK will also be used to accept payment for other services rendered by the CoinTick platform

Use Cases

*CTK will be used to pay content creators on CoinTick platform. On the occasion where CTK is low in the market, BAYK will be used to pay users until CTK picks up.
*CTK will be the only currency accepted as payment for any service rendered by the CoinTick platform which inclement Airdrop, ICO and IEO listing as well as advertisement.


CTK will be used alongside BAYK to help prevent price crash. CTK will use the Internal Value of BAYK (see BAYK Whitepaper) to employ BAYK in tackling any price volatility issue.
BAYK will be temporarily used to execute all CTK services in the case is price crash so that CTK can be allowed a chance to pick up.

CoinTick will also benefit from BAYK buy back periods by delegation of done buyback capital from BAYK do that CTK may also experience a little buyback event.

In future, BAYK and CTK will be used on both BAYK and CTK platform to help them consolidate each other.


Token Information

Type: ERC20

Contact address: 0x62fba5d3de6d80a9e311eaef89b12a712e38ec8b

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 billion)

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Company Information

CoinTick Contents Portal

Lagos, Nigeria


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